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Move for Justice Rally for the Buffalo 5

July 10, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

At Erie County Court Building,¬†25 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo.¬†Meet the Buffalo 5: John Walker, Jr., Darryl Boyd, Floyd Martin, Darren Gibson, and Tyrone Woodruff. They are grown men now, and they will be holding a rally directly across the street from the Erie County Holding Center and the Sheriff’s Office. The rally will assemble at Delaware Ave. and then move to Niagara Square to allow for physical distancing.

Imagine being a teenager and finding yourself and a small group of your friends facing a murder charge for a heinous crime you know that you and your associates did not commit. Imagine the terror, the frustration, the anger, and the trauma you would experience as you navigated an unfair and unbalanced criminal justice system. Imagine facing a horrific prosecution, in which material evidence that would have proven all of your innocence was withheld from your court-appointed attorneys…or ignored completely. Imagine being a group of poor black teenagers in Buffalo, New York, during 1976 through 1977, and having all of the above take place. What would you have done, besides felt utterly and completely decimated, when you and your friends were sentenced to spend decades of your violently interrupted young lives behind prison bars? What would you have done, when you were told that you would have to spend the REST of your life on parole, after you were released from prison some 30 years later, and that another criminal charge would send you swiftly back to prison? Imagine all of this happening to you, though you and other individuals knew you to indeed be innocent!


This community’s support is needed to get The Buffalo 5’s indictment, No. 41-413, revisited by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. If you only attend one more rally this eventful summer, make it this one.


Cohosted by We Are Women Warriors, The Red Green and Black Show, Betty Jean Grant, John Walker, Darryl Boyd, and the WNY Peace Center.


July 10, 2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm