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Illuminating Health Inequity in Conflict Regions: A Transdisciplinary Conversation on Kashmir

November 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

403 Hayes Hall, UB South Campus. Scholars will speak about health equity from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, planning, public health, medicine, etc. The conversation will also be grounded in the arts, highlighting work emerging from Kashmir (Film-maker and author Sanjay Kak has agreed to deliver a keynote on his book: Witness).

To attend or to dial in remotely via ‘zoom’, you will need to register.  More info below.


Illuminating Health Inequity in Conflict Regions:

A Transdisciplinary Conversation on Kashmir

November 17, 2019; 4:00-7:30 PM; 403 Hayes Hall, UB South Campus

RSVP is required: http://www.buffalo.edu/globalhealthequity/news-events/upcoming-events.html

You are invited to a transdisciplinary conversation on health inequities in the conflict region of Kashmir. The event will bring together an international cohort of scholars, community advocates, and artists to discuss the ways in which public health and well-being are impacted by the built environment generally and militarized conflict specifically.

The World Health Organization defines health inequities as systemic differences in the health status of different groups or populations. Only very recently have researchers in the fields of public health and urban planning begun to investigate the ways in which these health inequities can be created and/or exacerbated by the built environment, or, more broadly, by the places where people live. The effects of place on health can be compounded in regions experiencing war or other crises. Militarized borders can impede access to medical facilities; food production and distribution can be interrupted; and, telecommunication outages can disrupt flow of information and capital.

The conversation will explore ways in which transdisciplinary scholarship can illuminate structural barriers to health inequity in conflict regions. The conversation will focus on the region of Kashmir in the Himalayas, which serves as an urgent and real-time example of the health inequities suffered by those living in conflict-ridden regions of the world.

Confirmed participants include Dr. Mona Bhan; Dr. Nanky Rai; Dr. Samina Raja; Dr. Shaanta Murshid; Dr. Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah; and Ms. Sabah Hamid. A keynote will be delivered by author and documentary film-maker Mr. Sanjay Kak.

Program, 4:00-7:30 PM

  1. Welcome
  2. History and context of Kashmir conflict
  3. Environment and development [Dr. Mona Bhan; Dr. Shaanta Murshid]
  4. Anti-oppression frame for philanthropy in health [Ms. Sabah Hamid; Dr. Nanky Rai]
  5. Food equity in times of conflict [Dr. Samina Raja; Dr. Frimpong Boamah]
  6. Interactive workshop/reception
  7. Keynote: Witness – Photojournalism and the discourse around inequity [Mr. Sanjay Kak]
  8. Conclusion and next steps

Facilitators: Drs. Korydon Smith and Samina Raja



November 17, 2019
4:00 pm - 7:30 pm