I got my start in the crafting of websites while working in IT for my Anthropology department as an undergraduate in 2005. The department paid me to learn HTML so that I could update my professors’ course sites. I took up new platforms pretty quickly and after not too long I was building full sites in the Joomla CMS platform. Several years later I switched primarily to WordPress and landed a career as a web developer for a social media agency where I burned my finger tips coding PSD to WordPress sites for 4 years before parting ways as an independent consultant in Buffalo, NY. I built well over a hundred sites for big and small companies, notably the Massachusetts entities of Wahlburgers Restaurant and Tommy Mac.

I moved to Northampton, MA in the end of April in 2019 to be closer to my partner and live amongst the beauty and wonder that is Western Mass. In my personal life I continue to develop my crafts in visual arts and woodworking. I have a passion for surreal painting and designing and building my own picture frames. I also work a lot of odd jobs as a handy-person and you can feel free to contact me about those kinds of jobs too 🙂

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